Hi Stéphane Maarek, Thank you for reading the blog and leaving an informative comment. (PS: I have bought your kafka courses on Udemy, they are awesome!!)

The point of the blog was to reflect on how we can take advantage of gRPC (which uses HTTP/2) and gain performance without much of an effort.

I am treating each request as if it’s coming from the a different user and hence no multiplexing. Moreover when doing microservices, I prefer to make only one call from one service to another even if it means some extra data as latency/bandwidth is not an issue. Don’t you think the services will become too “chatty” if there are more than one call?

I have not explored anything other than nginx but will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.



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Abhinav Dhasmana

Senior Staff Engineer @freshworks. Ex-McKinsey/Microsoft/Slideshare/SAP, Tech Enthusiast, Passionate about India. Opinions are mine